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You’re seated at a bar enjoying your cocktail, watching the people around you, listening as their conversations move in and out of range. Your eyes catch sight of an attractive couple seated in a table across the room. They’re elegant and casual, comfortably enjoying the scene. The woman is a petite redhead, with a smile that seems to light up the entire bar. She’s dressed seductively, in a short black dress, with sexy heels. She sits close to her man, a well-groomed, very fit man with blue eyes and obviously in love with his companion. They seem to enjoy watching the scene together, each of them engaged in shameless people watching. You notice that he looks at the women, and that she does too. As you’re watching them, you notice her gaze turn to you. Your eyes meet, and she gives you a friendly smile. You’re not immediately sure if it was meant for you as you look away, but the next time you turn her way, she is looking at you again. You smile back. She leans to whisper something in her man’s ear, and he looks at you too. She raises her glass in a long distance toast and smiles. You’re immediately aware to get laid for free the fact that they, she, is flirting with you. Your face flushes and your heart races a little. You’ve never had a couple flirt with you, at least not in real life. You’ve fantasized about it, thought about what it would be like to be with a couple, to watch and be watched, to be in between two bodies, to feel the soft and tender kiss of a woman, to submit to both of them at once. But you’ve never actually allowed yourself to believe such an experience would ever present itself. Maybe you’re mistaking their casual friendliness. Maybe they’re not interested in you at all. You look over at their table again and she is gone. Your eyes scan the room and there she is. She must be heading to the restroom. But she’s headed straight for you. She walks up to your table and bends over and whispers in your ear “I’m going to freshen up but we’d love for you to join us at our table for a drink. Why don’t you go introduce yourself to my boyfriend, I’ll be right back.” You feel her hair brush against your neck and shoulder, sending small shivers down your spine. She leaves for the restroom and you look over at the man sitting at the table. Your heart pounds harder now in your chest and you wonder if this is all a joke. Without thinking, you finish the last bit of your cocktail, standup, and walk across the room to introduce yourself to him. He stands up, introduces himself, and invites you to have a seat. Seconds later the redhead returns, sits next to you and says, “thanks for joining us. We noticed you as soon as we walked in.” You engage in casual conversation with them. She’s feisty and flirty, he’s composed and a true gentleman. You feel comfortable and excited at the same time. You’re pretty sure they’re interested in you in a way that goes beyond having a drink together. Every time she talks to you she touches her hand to your shoulder, or your leg, laughing and smiling, obviously flirting. You know this move, you’re a woman, you’ve done it a million times yourself. She’s flirting with you! You finish your drinks and she looks directly at you and says “we live just a few miles from here. We’d love it if you’d come back to our place with us.” No pretense of a cup of coffee, or another drink, just total honesty. She looks at you waiting for your reply. “If it’s ok, I’ll ride with you.” You pause for a moment, looking at both of them, and then you say “my car’s just around the corner, let’s go”. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> If you’re a very attractive, non-smoking, educated, secure and sexy single woman and want to help us finish the rest of the story, please send us a note. We’re looking to find out how it ends next weekend.

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