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I have a crappy year, and decided to make the most of the year left. I love halloween and the 4th of July. I have lost both girls getting laid best friend, and my mother this year. these women were both strong, outspoken, and full of life. I am so glad they thought

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It seems easy enough. Go to the couples seeking women section and find a hot couple to meet. But what do you find when you get there? Grammar that would shame a fifth grader. Scary photos of indeterminant body parts. Spelling that goes beyond creative into ridiculous. One line come-ons that 22 year old guys in the Marina would be ashamed to use. A long list of do's and don'ts that make it seem like you'd better walk the straight and narrow or you'll be caught in the middle of a jealousy storm of unknown proportions just because you accidently French kissed someone. Couples who live so far from San Francisco that you need a map to figure out their location. Sexual scenarios that have all the charm and sexiness of having your oil changed. What's a girl got to do to get fucked around here? To meet a couple that will make her feel good about meeting strangers on the internet and getting her itch scratched? Well, consider us the exception to the rule. We are an attractive (yes, yes, everyone's a god or goddess on here but really, we're not deluded) couple with all our teeth, a daily regimen of bathing, and current photos with not a touch of sepia tone, 'selective editing' or loads of vaseline on the lens. We live in the city of San Francisco. Not South San Francisco, not the Peninsula. Not East of Nothing. We can hold our own when it comes to banter, flirting, witty repartee, and general non-creepiness. No desperate vibe when you sit down to meet us. A fine sense of humor and a general awareness of the somewhat silly (but very handy!) nature of meeting someone on the internet for possible sexual escapades. Manners. We would be glad to buy you a drink. Drive you home. Make sure you climax as much as you'd like. All those things you expect from any civilized man or woman. We won't subject you to just-below-the-surface interpersonal jealousy. He wants to see you play with her, she wants to see you play with him. No limits. We would be glad, in fact, we would be eager to discuss what you want out of the experience. You're not just a body we would be using to get off on our fantasy. Rather, you're an equal partner in the evening. And we think it would be hot to discuss just how you'd like to be licked or a particular scene you'd like to explore. Hey, we're San Franciscans, not Amish. We know and like talking about sex. Humor. We know a threesome can be funny. Three people on a bed, you need a sense of humor about it all. There are inevitably moments that feel like a seventies porn film, and you just can't take it all to seriously. When it gets down to it, what you'll take away from the evening is the fun you've has with us, the pleasure and we want you to recall that we made you comfortable, made you laugh, made you come, and that it was hot enough to make you want to join us again, if that's your desire. So, we've piqued your interest. You want to have a look at us, see if we meet the all-important Craigslist 'non-flakiness' test and you want to have a look at our photos and determine if they might stir your loins in the slightest. Why don't you tell us about yourself, your desires, send a photo if you're comfortable (or wait for ours first) and ask us what fastest way to get laid need to know. We can start this odd process and perhaps be sitting across from you for a drink very soon. Bon Chance!

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I have 4 somewhat steady girls I hook up with at the moment. All of them have one thing in common. They all want a 3 way with 2 dudes. (& most girls getting laid encountered over the past 8 years) I am somewhat open to the idea. I wouldnt oppose it if it happened

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Looking to unwind and have a little fun in the process. Looking for someone that is local and can give a poor, lonely girl what where to get laid needs. Send me a picture or two and I'll reply in kind. Not looking just to chat or trade pictures. I'm also not going

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